Dashica Stamping Nail-Art


Do you love to have some beautifull nails? But do you think it is impossible to do it your self?

Then you will love stamping Nail-Art! In just a few seconds your nails will be shiny with some great designs on it! Everyone will think “where did she her nails? ” just learn it and you will be a Nail-Art addict soon!

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Infinity Nails Image Plates


We have started our Stamping products as Dashica.

But we have launched a new brand with high qaulity steel and great new unique designs. Infinity Nails Image Plates, because you’re worth it! Love your nails!

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Why Us

I’m Shirley the owner of DashicaBeautyShop and also the maker of the Dashica Image Plates and Infinity Nails Image Plates. I started our webshop in March 2011. Before I started the webshop I was really addicted to nails and Stamping Nail-Art. So I tought I needed to do something with my passion for nails. Then when we had the webshop a few months my first Image Plate collection was born! We are selling worlwide now, and on the moment we have more then 260 own made Image Plates with unique designs and great stamping qualitity.

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What’s new

  • Update Januari 2014

    We are busy again with making some great new products.

  • Update December 2013

    We have launged our new brand Image Plates, Infinity Nails.

  • More Update’s wil follow here

    Thanks for coming on our page, leave a comment when you have questions and we will reply here as soon as possible!

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Our webshop is based in the Netherlands, and on the moment the whole site is still in Dutch langauge. Soon we will think about a new webshop with more langauges think about English/German/French etc. but for all the girls that want to order our products we will help!

Do you like our products? And do you want to place a order in our webshop but you don’t understand our lanauge? Then just contact is by e-mail and we love to help you order!


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